Who is tommy mottola dating

13-Jul-2020 00:17

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Unlike her previous two marriages, both of which featured big age differences (Tommy Mottola is nearly 20 years her senior; Nick Cannon is 10 years her junior), Packer is just three years older than the “Hero” singer.

Aside from Packer’s age, we also know Mimi’s new fiancé is a father of three, who also happens to be a billionaire.

In honor of their anniversary, we're reminiscing with these throwback photos of their big day, featuring Thalia wearing a gown with a seriously impressive train by Mexican designer Mitzy, and looking glam after the ceremony in a chic fur coat. ) Keep scrolling to see more pictures of their wedding, then check out Thalia's best beauty tips.

Behind Mariah, Michael and the constellation of stars at arguably the most successful record label in history stood a man who didn't often talk to the media or explain his motivations.

While their relationship took off only a few months back, the singer and Packer have apparently known each other for years.

But as an author, he didn't shy from the topics longtime industry watchers are interested in - though he threw away two versions of the book he hated before finding a groove he was comfortable with."I always try to take a backseat, even with this book," Mottola said in a phone interview last week.

"And my thoughts were always, `Do the work, try to do good work and the results will speak for itself.' That was always my philosophy, though I went against my own philosophy and decided to write this book.

The entertainment industry power couple tied the knot on Dec. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City in an elaborate ceremony worthy of royalty.

Fast forward to 2016 and the pair has two beautiful children, 9-year-old Sabrina and 5-year-old Matthew, and are more in love than ever — thanks to Thalia's relationship secrets.

And he traces the arc of the music business as it evolved over the course of his lifetime - from Elvis to the i Pod.