Who is thatcherjoe dating

21-Jun-2020 02:49

Since You Tube, Joe has "created" many challenges such as the Shock Ball Challenge.

Ask a 14-year-old girl who her favourite celebrity is and you may get a surprising answer.

His father Graham goes by Daddy Sugg on Twitter, and his mother is named Tracey.

In 2014 he became roommates with fellow You Tube star Caspar Lee.

Madison Beer was accused of cheating on boyfriend Jack Gilinsky, after a photo was circulated on social media.

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‘It was just beginning to be massive.’After three months in business Smales was managing Pixiwoo, two sisters from Norwich who give online make-up tutorials and makeovers.

She is not a singer, actress, model or Olympic athlete.

Zoe Sugg – Zoella to her fans – has become a huge star thanks to the video blogs she posts on You Tube.

He refers to his subscribers as Sugglets and is known for his phrase "I didn't choose the Sugg life, the Sugg life chose me." Joe lives in London, England in his own apartment previously living in.

He is the younger brother of beauty vlogger Zoella.

Recently, Taylor Caniff accused her of homie-hopping and dating Cameron Dallas, a charge she denied on a deleted You Now stream.