Splitting holidays when dating

03-Sep-2020 11:48

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If we were to have a portion of our shared expenses kept in one bank account, another concern of mine is accidently mixing up that cash with our personal spending money.

What type of advice do you have for a travelling couple who have never shared expenses and both of our “travel funds” have been saved independently of one another?

Any pair of people who spend a lot of time together have to make a decision about finances, but it becomes even more difficult when there’s romance involved. If you volunteer information about your ,000 windfall, your SO may expect you to pick up the check a lot more often.

You pay for things all the time and I don’t want you thinking that’s a thing you need to do as a man. Secondly, you pay for things because you like me and want me to be happy, so I’m doing the same for you.” How can you fight over that?

My boyfriend and I were celebrating our two-year anniversary with a trip to San Francisco. After finishing our preliminary bread, an appetizer, three entrees, a bottle of wine, and two glasses of port, I grabbed the check. If you keep a large amount of debt a secret, you may be seen as not paying your share.

We’d split the cost of our plane tickets to get there (3.20), our Airbnb apartment (8), and a rental car (2) down the middle; he’d bought me a smoothie before our flight. Be open about what’s going on in your wallet, even if it doesn’t include specific numbers.

You generally see your gf/bf or spouse on a daily basis or several times a week but maybe only see your family a few times a year all together Just kind of seems like a waste of two holidays when your rushing between families and you don't really get to hang out and spend a real holiday with either family.

I suppose once you have kids you should spend a holiday all together as a family but as far as people dating or even people married without kids I think it makes sense.

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We have only recently started living together and we currently maintain separate finances.The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the evenings.Even if you’re untouched by seasonal affective disorder, autumn is a time to reflect.Have yet to date anyone who agrees with my philosophy though lol. If you sleep in separate beds your inimacy could suffer.