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04-Jul-2020 04:31

“It’s just an extension of our service,” the self-purported sneaker expert said.

“At first this sneaker concierge program was just meant for the guesthouse only.

I didn’t know anything about sneakers,” Benjamin says.

“I wore them to school and everyone was going crazy.

If you asked me who my style icons are, they're the first people I think of.

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For example, guests of the 2,500 square-foot room, which starts at ,000 a night, can get access to a private barista, a personal barber, and a sneaker concierge that will have , most of which have hit up Vaughn to get hard-to-obtain kicks. Our vice president allowed employees to wear sneakers around certain areas of the hotel and every 30 seconds guests would break their neck and ask us, “Why is everyone on staff in the coolest pair of sneakers?

They look like they've thought about their outfits even though they probably just pulled on what was lying on the floor.