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subject to change): – : NETWORKING AND (more importantly) BREAKFAST – : WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS – : Keynote speaker: ED ZANDER -: FOUNDER STANDUP – : SERIES A READINESSPANEL featuring VCs from Founders Fund, Mithril, and more! – : STRATEGY WORKSHOP WITH HAMILTON HELMER – : VC Speed Dating – : LUNCH (go wild) – : PANEL: Top 10 Insights from Badass Advisors – : UNCONFERENCE – : Keynote Speaker: CURTIS PRIEM – – PARTY TO THE WEE HOURS!Faced with feelings “even our own kids never ask about,” each dater’s intimate confessions blend with revealing vérité to shed light on the intense and complex feelings that still lurk behind wrinkled skin and thinning hair.

In essence, speed skydiving is the discipline where only one aspect of skydiving counts – freefall speed.Born in the years before WWII, none of the 30 registrants for Rochester’s first senior speed dating event dreamt of being flung into the high-tech social scene of the new millennium.But now, as posters go up, local media buzzes and anticipation grows, these typically-overlooked seniors are spurred to confront the realities of physical appearance, romance and loneliness, loss and new beginnings.The speed achieved by a human body in free fall is conditioned of two factors, body weight and body orientation.

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In a stable, belly to earth position, terminal velocity of the human body is about 200 km/h (about 120 mph).

Just as we’re all destined to age, and the aged were all once young, we suddenly come to realize just how much, and how little, our hearts change over a lifetime.