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09-Sep-2020 10:25

Issue arose due to case of man in casino who accepted baccarat players' 'insurance' wagers Lawyers for a man jailed 10 months for accepting "insurance" wagers from punters playing baccarat in casinos are pushing for the test case to be referred to the Court of Appeal.

They want the law clarified in the public interest on whether the term "bookmaker" under the Betting Act applies to persons who provide "baccarat" insurance to casino patrons.

In an interview about couple of months into the job, he told the media, “As a proud Singaporean, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to play my part in building sports. how do we help put Singapore on the global sporting destination map.” Since Sawhney’s appointment, many senior management and staff have left Sports Hub, including its legal, marketing, corporate communication and HR heads.

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The common denominator for all such programs is some form of government action aimed at extending access to health care as widely as possible and setting minimum standards.

Usually some costs are borne by the patient at the time of consumption but the bulk of costs come from a combination of compulsory insurance and tax revenues.

Some programs are paid for entirely out of tax revenues.

In the TRE article, copied under PS, it was stated that he came to Singapore and joined ESPN.

Something not clear here, was he in ESPN in India or in Singapore?

In baccarat with insurance, users in certain situations, at some point after the cards have been dealt, may bet on "player insurance" or "banker insurance".