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28-May-2020 14:56

You can talk about the development of the baby in the womb and how they grow from a tiny egg to have arms, hands, fingers etc. Not providing some kind of answer for a child can result in them using their imagination to fill in the gaps, so it is better if you avoid that!

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The question, “Where do babies come from” is a typical one. For example, you want sit a six-year-old down and tell them the full facts, but you may say that when a man and a woman love each other very much, a special seed from the man can go to a special egg in the woman and then a baby can grow.

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So how do you have that chat with your child and how can you go about teaching them the facts. They offer a range of books to teach children about sex and cater for all age groups.

Find a book that you feel is the most appropriate for your child and read it yourself first.

You don’t want to lose a basketball game, or your iphone, or your mind. And as built up as sex had been, raised as an evangelical and believing early on that true love waited and that my virginity was a present meant to be unwrapped only by my husband, I was strangely at peace with the sex I was having.