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Part fish, part shark, part human, they live for the waves and are usually more local than the locals.

They’ll be up before dawn waiting for first light to reveal the days surf conditions and can sense a change of wind from a sparrows fart.

Nevertheless, I winced at the tone of many of the reviews and columns about the SATC movies, which used them as a cudgel against “modern women” in general, and against “chick flicks” in particular.

Most contemporary romantic comedies and melodramas are awful, true, but there’s nothing wrong with the genre in and of itself.

Set and filmed in New York City and based on the 1997 book of the same name by Candace Bushnell, the show follows the lives of a group of four women—three in their mid-thirties and one in her forties—who, despite their different natures and ever-changing sex lives, remain inseparable and confide in each other.

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes), the quirky series had multiple continuing storylines that tackled relevant and modern social issues such as sexuality, safe sex, promiscuity, and femininity, while exploring the difference between friendships and romantic relationships.

Carrie drags Berger along shopping to Prada, and brags with a check from her publisher for success in Europe, but learns then her publisher dumped both her supervisor Courtney and Berger; when he takes her on a rather wild bike ride, she freaks out.

The series received both acclaim and criticism for its subjects and characters, and is credited with helping jump-start HBO.

A lot of true Hollywood classics (like The Philadelphia Story and Mildred Pierce) are what were then called “women’s pictures.” So given my affection for the genre, and given that I have respected friends and colleagues who were devout SATC fans during its heyday, I was encouraged to shrug off the movies and go back to the source.

After all, if so many smart folks once liked the show, there must be something of value there, right?

Charlotte is still down about being dumped by Harry, and Miranda tries to get closer to Steve as friends.

In this episode,we get to see how Samantha becomes supportive of her man's success by helping him become big in New York.Each reporter covers a region of coastline which includes many number of surf spots and beaches.Please consider there may be possible variations between this report and your local spot due to differences in orientation to the coast and any local idiosyncrasies that may also effect the swell and weather patterns.I have seen the two Sex And The City movies—that’s one of the perils of being a DVD columnist—and didn’t like either one of them.