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The right answer to the question, “What’s your salary range?

” is almost always some version of “I’m not telling you.” The person who gives the first number sets the starting point. If you request a salary higher than the range for the job, the interviewer will tell you you’re high, and you’ve just lost money.

For seven years they played under such figures as Furtwängler, Klemperer, Toscanini, Karajan and Malcolm Sargent as well as the soloists Artur Rubinstein, David Oistrakh, Rachmaninov and (Salpeter's idol) Heifetz.

Among the orchestra's many recordings and broadcasts was the world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in 1950 of Richard Strauss's Four Last Songs, under Furtwängler, with Kirsten Flagstad and Salpeter as the soloist in Beim Schlafengehen (At Going to Sleep).

You want the interviewer to tell you the range for the position, because then you can focus on getting to the high end of that range.

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The exact solution to the Schrödinger equation is known for helium ground and excited states, and it represents a benchmark for any many-body methodology.and its relation to the procedure we have developed so far.We shall start by summarizing the original derivations of the equation by Bethe and Salpeter and by Gell-Mann and Low, which represented the first rigorous covariant treatments of the problem.If you request a salary lower than the range, the interviewer will say nothing, and you’ve just lost money.