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But if you just turn your phone off for 24 hours, you’ll realize you just stop worrying about how a perfectly pleasant conversation turned to a string of increasingly desperate, unreturned messages.

I honestly can’t fathom how much of my life I’ve wasted on Grindr in the 3 years I’ve been on it, but it’s also great for material and just personal amusement.

It’s really easy to complain about these internal issues that I’ve experienced as a twenty one year-old cis white gay man in 2014 when I’m lucky to even have the ability to reach other queer people in such a quick, easy way and not have to put myself in danger in any way to do so.

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Manned flight had begun more than a century before the Wright brothers opened their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio - in 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers built a hot-air balloon. When I was an art student in London during the early Fifties, the climax of a really good outdoor party on a dark night was the launch of a balloon.Hans von Schiller und Frau' was the name on the bell push of the elegant residential apartment house in suburban Tabingen, near Stuttgart.Kapitan von Schiller was a white-haired, tall and upright 83-year-old, with a ready smile.The civil engineer who builds a bridge can increase its strength to provide a very substantial margin of safety. Airships are lifted by gas, usually hydrogen, and there is a delicate balance between the capacity of the gas containers and the weight of the airship plus the crew, passengers, luggage and freight.

Ballast is also needed because movement up and down can be controlled by discharging water ballast or, in the last resort, by discharging gas.

**** It’s become a cliché to point out how connected yet how alone we all are because of the internet, but that’s because it’s true.