Of changesets and updating work items

06-May-2020 06:09

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Once a team build has completed successfully the first time, all subsequent runs of that team build will be faster and only contain the work items and changesets since the last successful build.- Steve I had the same experience the first several times I was building our largest solution.I'm having a problem with the "Generating list of changesets and updating work items" part of the Team Build taking an extremely long time even when there are very few changes in a build.In one build the step took over 2 hours before I cancelled the build, I've been waiting 30 minutes so far on the current build. Jean The first time a build completes successfully, it retrieves all of the workitems and changesets that have been created to date on the selected Team Project.

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Most of these customizations were already available somewhere on the web (see for example Ewald Hofman’s excellent series on customizing Team Build 2010, which in general applies quite nicely to TFS 2012 as well), but some modifications are my original work in that I did not find it anywhere else on the web.

After the first successful build, the build server started only showing differences and things went much faster.