Myanmar girls dating nightlife

30-Jul-2020 23:58

The name Yangon means “End of Strife” which was anglicized as Rangoon by the British.Rangoon nightlife, for a foreigner, is quite boring.Most bigger Hotels in Yangon and elsewhere offer some kind of nightlife entertainment.Some offer native shows with Myanmar dancing and a Myanmar orchestra as background music.In addition, there are also a few bars outside of these hotels.Especially famous bars are at Grand Mee Ya Htar Resident (on Bo Gyoke Aung San Road, near Trader’s Hotel, and 50th street bar (in 50th Street, downtown Yangon).Anyway mood is good, women are pretty, entertainment is not so bad, life is beautiful, ok could be better, but what can we do?as in Yangon and Mandalay plus some special spots on the border to China where the Chinese guys come over in the evening to have a good time.

Even for us who are long time residents of Yangon feel night life in Yangon is becoming more and more boring. Very few restaurants and tea shops open until midnight, due to government restrictions (in the past, many tea shops and restaurants open the whole night, especially in the China Town).You can have nice and delicious Chinese food at a cheap price there and observe the local way of life in Chian town. Ask taxi driver to bring you to Latha Road, get off there and walk in the streets full of stalls and people.There are many bars at hotels like Traders, Sedona, Summit Park View and many other high end hotels.Sure, it might not be San Francisco in the 1960s, but in its own subtle way, Myanmar is undergoing a sexual revolution.