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02-May-2020 20:07

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So we created this app to make reading snappy, spooky and fun.

Drawing on the long tradition of epistolary literature, like Bram Stoker's Dracula, HOOKED stories unfold through back-and-forth conversations.

The Mom Co app "helps women break the ice and saves you from that awkward feeling of when you meet a cool mom, but you are shy and don't want to ask for a number," Darlington said.

Through the app moms can locate and connect with local moms, find support in forums, schedule playdates, keep current with local events and save some money with in-app deals and giveaways.2.

Making new friends isn't always easy, especially if you're a parent.

The reality is that when you have a baby, everything changes, including your schedule and priorities.

Being a new parent can become an isolating experience, where you’re thrust into a world of playdates over happy hours – a change that can lead to dwindling time spent with friends who share a different schedule and set of priorities.

A new app called Peanut, now available on i OS, wants to help.

Choose a prompt, create your character, and invite your friends to play along with you. We love reading, just like you, but we know it can get BORING when stories are too long.

The comparison is apt, given that one of Peanut’s co-founders, Michelle Kennedy, has a wealth of experience from the world of dating apps.

Kennedy spent six years at online dating company Badoo, where she worked as General Council and later deputy CEO.

While it’s reassuring to get advice from experts, sometimes you just want to get the opinion of other women who have experienced parenting firsthand.

Another reason moms may want to communicate with other moms online is to have some sort of interaction.

It can be hard to keep up with friends who aren't parents. ) that can solve your dilemma and allow you to connect with other moms. But instead of finding a date, you're paired with other moms who share your interests.