Holly grainger dating

12-Jun-2020 06:49

Outstandingly beautiful and gorgeous Holliday Grainger born on March 27, 1988 is an English television and film actress.

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‘Estella puts pressure on herself, as Miss Havisham [ Helena Bonham Carter ] has done, to lead a life that’s already set out for her.’ As for Grainger, known as Holly to her friends, she prefers to play it by ear.During a recent interview to promote the upcoming television series, British actress Holliday Grainger talked about taking on a role as complex as Lucrezia Borgia, working with acclaimed filmmaker Neil Jordan, acting opposite Jeremy Irons, and the lavish costumes that she got to wear.She also talked about her upcoming roles in the feature films Question: What originally drew you to this role? She is so complicated and there are so many interpretations of it that you can go with.‘My friends keep Facebooking me saying “I saw your face on the Tube,”’ laughs Great Expectations star Holliday Grainger, who has just hit London to promote Mike Newell ’s adaptation of the Dickens classic.