Experince in updating websites

17-Jul-2020 02:04

Did you know that you only have 5 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor, before they leave?What's worse is that once they leave your website, the chances of re-engaging are very low.When a user tries to log in, the server processes that login check with a few database queries and log writes.[…] For those attending our Doing Mobile Right seminar at the Mid-Atlantic Conference in Baltimore, MD (as well as those who missed it) we are publishing a followup with direct links to many of the utilities we discussed during our seminar.There's a lot you can do to make sure your website comes out on top.

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Actual bugs are resolved, improved coding standards are implemented, and important security features are applied.These are exactly the qualities search engines look at to rank your site.Google even says so outright in its Quality Rating Guidelines.Why should your own website or blog be like that then?

Website content can include written text, images, free downloads, anything that is going to draw new visitors in and keep your existing visitors coming back.

Whether you decide to do these yourself or hire out the work, it still needs to be done.