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Chocolates, flowers and dinner dates are standard-fare, but it’s also a time when we remember our relationship milestones. From picturesque proposals in Coffin Bay National Park to young love blooming on the West Coast, here are South Australia’s top 10 most romantic places to visit.

Enjoying oysters and wine at Avoid Bay, on the Eyre Peninsula.

Dr Ben Grguric from the SA Museum, where the pearls have gone on display, said opal miners Dale Price and Tanja Burk were sorting through a spoil heap when they made the discovery."The miners pick out anything that glows with ultraviolet light, because even a small chip of opal might be worth something if it's high quality with a high range of colours," Dr Grguric."It turns out these resembled pearls."He said opals formed when seas dried up and alkaline soil dissolved the silica in certain rocks, as well as bones and shells - and in this case, pearls."A lot of the opal fossils, including bones and shells, were formed during the cretaceous period, which was an era earlier than 65 million years ago and the age of the dinosaurs," Dr Grguric said.

To analyse and avoid damaging the gems, they were sent to be scanned by a neutron imaging instrument at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation at Lucas Heights in Sydney.

In April 2007 he was appointed Agent General for South Australia by Premier Mike Rann.

His appointment was extended by Premier Jay Weatherill in 2015.

However, as they years progressed, there became a growing push for uniformity and structure in South Australian football.The addition of West Adelaide (1887), North Adelaide (1893), West Torrens (1897) and only the demise of Adelaide (1893), meant the Association was six clubs by the turn of the century.Bill is a South Australian who completed his education in London where he studied at the Institute of Marketing.The inaugural 1877 season was contested by those 12 clubs: South Park, Willunga, Port Adelaide, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Prince Alfred College, Gawler, Kapunda, Bankers, Woodville, South Adelaide and Victorian.

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Norwood joined the Association in 1878, but South Park, Willunga, North Adelaide, Prince Alfred College, Gawler, Kapunda, Bankers, Woodville, and Victorian all left the Association within the first 10 years.In 1877, 12 of South Australia's football clubs met to develop a uniform set of rules and establish a governing body.They formed the South Australian Football Association, the first governing body of its type for football in Australia, and adopted rules similar to those used in Victoria."We decided to use a technique called neutron tomography, which is like a CT scan using neutrons," Dr Grguric said."They established there was a concentric structure which is consistent with pearls as we know them today."The pearls are still owned by Mr Price and Ms Burk, and only on display for a short time at the SA Museum."It's difficult to put a price on them, and from the point of view of a gem they're not particularly valuable," Dr Grguric said."But from a scientific view, you'd argue they were priceless."He said there were a lot of shell fossils in the Coober Pedy region, and those with a sharp eye may come across more opalised pearls in the future.