Adventists beliefs dating

07-May-2020 10:03

Once the application is approved, a membership certificate is sent to the church, ministry, or use the Free Seventh-day Adventist name in their church's name, literature, handouts, etc., without fear of the trademarks of the Seventh-day Adventist name.Some of their views which differ from most Christian churches include: the perpetuity of the seventh-day Sabbath, the unconsciousness of man in death, conditional immortality, an atoning ministry of Jesus Christ in the heavenly sanctuary, and an “investigative judgment” that commenced in 1844.

Free Seventh-day Adventists are ardent believers and strong proponents of the historic Seventh- day Adventist faith.

Their belief that sinners are "annihilated" rather than go to hell is contrary to scripture and also very misleading to non-Christians, in that they may reach a false conclusion that it's ok to sin up a storm , reject Jesus Christ and then just die into oblivion, and not pay a price for their rebellion.